(old) About Pelican House

We are a coastal boutique label, inspired by the raw wild beauty that is the California coast, and the funky chic beach bungalow from which the Pelican House brand was born. Our designs are young and free, yet always classic, just like California.

Our mission is to aid ocean conservation and island habitat restoration by generating funding through the sale of responsibly made bikinis and other surf apparel.

Stewards for clean oceans and a healthy planet
Sustainable business & supply chain transparency
Women empowering women
Collaboration over competition
Healthy body image and lifestyle
Being stoked

Every Pelican House bikini is hand crafted with love in sunny Santa Cruz, CA. Fabrics are hand picked in limited quantities, so every piece is a limited edition design you won't find anywhere else! Our bikinis are all made reversible and seamless, eliminating the need for unflattering and uncomfortable elastic seams.  At Pelican House we are committed to making conscious responsible choices about ALL the materials we use to make our bikinis, ship our orders, and operate our business. We believe in a better clothing industry, and we are creating one.

To be an ethical leader, you must demonstrate ethical behavior — not just when others are looking, but all the time and over time. Consistently doing what's right, even when it's difficult, should be an integral part of a leader’s makeup.

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Pelican House partners with the non-profit Island Conservation to help generate funding for island restoration all over the world.

10% of all profits from Pelican House are given to Island Conservation to directly support their many projects.

All of the Pelican House designs are named after an island that has been aided by the work of Island Conservation.

We are really proud of IC and feel so grateful to be able to work with them. For more info on all the AMAZING things Island Conservation is up to, visit their website at www.IslandConservation.org.