Consciously made swimwear is the founding basis of this company. Our process is based on three important questions: HOW is it made, WHERE is it made, WHAT is it made of. This applies to not only the garment itself, but also ALL components that go into making the final product. Every single component that goes into our bikinis, including shipping and packaging, comes from the most sustainable and ethical origin we could find. We're not saying we are perfect, but we are committed to being as close as possible.

Every bikini from Pelican House is handmade with love in California by owner and designer, Justine Willeford. We will NEVER produce our bikinis outside of the USA, let alone in a factory with unfair wages or working conditions. We strive to provide the utmost transparency in our business practices, and are really proud of the way we operate!

Currently, our printed fabrics are purchased as deadstock fabric (the leftovers of the textile world) from a local family business. Our solid fabrics are a very special Italian lycra made with 82% Econyl, a 100% regenerated (and infinitely renewable) nylon material made from old fishing nets and other plastics that would otherwise be sitting in a landfill or polluting the ocean! The fabric is made in a state of the art environmentally conscious facility in Italy by happy, well paid employees. Our metal logo tags are handmade by an artisan in Canada. All other components from pins to thread to envelopes, etc are sourced from the USA where we have fair labor laws and high safety standards. Our goal is to transition to 100% California-made recycled lycra fabrics by 2019. Once this happens, we will have officially eliminated ALL freighting from our manufacturing process, further reducing our environmental impact.


We believe it’s not enough for a garment to just be sewn together ethically… what about the fabric? What about the yarn of the fabric? Where were the raw materials sourced and how? How about the tags? Each garment is connected to a web of other industries and businesses that make up the different parts. If you want to have a truly sustainable and ethical product, you must also source all materials in the same fashion. Most will say this is impossible in this day and age. Many will claim to make an ethical or sustainable product, but don’t consider their web of sources. At Pelican House we are committed to making conscious responsible choices about ALL the materials we use to make our bikinis, ship our orders, and operate our business. We believe in a better clothing industry, and we are creating one.

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