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The Pelican House Girl Gang is a growing team of eco-minded merbabes that help spread our mission and message far and wide. They live the lifestyle of the Pelican House brand, and want to do good by promoting a brand that raises funds for conservation.
As a Pelican House team member you will be joining an impassioned new breed of brand influencers that are revolutionizing the swimwear market by promoting ethically and sustainably made apparel. You will also be helping us to raise awareness and funds for the nonprofit Island Conservation, one of the world’s most effective organizations in terms of species saved from extinction per dollar spent. You can do so much to help the planet just by proudly wearing your Pelican House bikini, and telling your friends about us!
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Step 1: Create your member account on our site - Create Here
Step 2: Follow us on Instagram @PelicanHouseSC (no spam, giveaway, or fake accounts) and like us at Facebook.com/PelicanHouseSC
✔ Step 3: Once you complete steps 1 & 2, submit your application below! If you haven't already, be sure to read all about our mission and values here!
We encourage babes of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages* to join our girl gang! 
*Must be over 18 to join. By submitting your application below you are verifying that you read and agree to our terms of use.