Green Your Routine: Beauty By Earth

Green Your Routine: Beauty By Earth

July 19, 2017

Welcome to the second edition of Green Your Routine! For those of you that missed the first one, Green Your Routine is a new monthly post featuring an all-natural (and often organic) beauty and skincare company, and their products I've tested and love!

There are so many AMAZING natural beauty and health products out there these days, there is no reason to be using that old toxic chemical-laden stuff from the drugstore. Are you wondering if something all-natural and organic can possibly be as effective let alone outperform conventional products? I was skeptical too, until I did my homework, and to my sweet surprise I found tons of all-natural products that work WONDERS better than any conventional chemical version. Am I saying that you can switch to natural non-toxic beauty products AND they will be MORE effective? YES!! Yes I am! You can have it all!

This month I am so happy to introduce you to one of my most favorite skincare companies, Beauty By Earth! I discovered BBE when I was scouring the Skindeep website for a natural sunless tanner. At that time I wasn't sure if one even existed, and I wasn't at all expecting to find the most amazing sunless tanner of all sunless tanners out there! Enter BBE Self Tanner, which scores a 1 on the Skindeep scale! After reading tons of raving reviews on their tanner I decided to give it a try. I will save the details of my review for below, but I can assure you it's basically a love story.

"Here’s what Beauty By Earth is about: providing premium organic and all natural skin care products of the highest quality, without the premium price." --BBE

There are many reasons to love this company, and here are a few:

  • Non-GMO
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in USA and family owned and operated
  • Certified Organic Ingredients
  • 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products
  • Skindeep scores of 1 or 2 for all products

I have tried many of their products, and loved every single one. So much so, that they have found their place in my regular skincare routine! Read on for a personal review of my favorites.

Beauty By Earth Self Tanner


I will try and contain myself and not rant on for the entire post about how much I freaking LOVE this sunless tanning lotion! It's made of super nourishing ingredients and a highly effective natural self tanning agent, so it goes on like a rich body moisturizer and gives you a beautiful glow in just one use. If you are in your super pale winter shade as I am currently, you can apply it once a day for 2-3 days and you'll be amazed at how tan you look. I love that the color it produces is a nice natural deep shade and not orangey or streaky. The smell is so yummy and subtle, kind of like coco butter. And it comes in a large bottle which goes the distance because it spreads around easy and you just need a little bit each time. You can use this on the regular without worry because it scores a 1 on the Skindeep scale.

We have teamed up with Beauty By Earth this month to give away one of these awesome self tanner's to one lucky beach babe! Keep a look out for the giveaway post on our Instagram this week!

Hydrating Face Mask

Another obsession and amazing discovery. Do you love clay masks but hate how they make your skin feel so parched afterwards? Well then you will LOVE this mask. It goes on and dries like a clay mask, but leaves your skin feeling super moisturized! I can actually use this, rinse, and not put any moisturizer on afterwards because it truly does what it says... hydrates! I love it so much that I have given samples of this mask to a bunch of my friends and Pelican House models, and they all wanted to know where they could buy some right away. It's that good!

Konjac Sponges

Another game changer. These soft little face sponges are excellent little exfoliators. Use them with your favorite face wash or with nothing but warm water. I used to be one of those people who didn't feel like their face was clean until it was stripped of all oils and felt squeaky clean. Little did I know, this isn't a nice way to treat your skin, and your natural oils are really good for protecting your skin and keeping it moisturized but not overly oily. I decided to get over the oil thing, and only use this little sponge when I wash in the morning, no soap. At first it's weird because your face feels like it isn't squeaky clean, but that is just the natural oils in your skin. I have seen a HUGE improvement in my complexion since I started using a plain konjac sponge. It gives the light exfoliation you need, but leaves your natural oils on your skin, so you don't lose that essential layer of protection and moisture. Another thing I love about these sponges is that they are made from plants and are biodegradable! When it's time for a new one, simply put the old one in a compost bin. If you regularly clean your sponge by boiling it every couple days and letting it dry out between uses, it will last several weeks.

Facial Toner with Rose Water

 This toner is really nice and balancing. I sometimes swab it on with a cotton round after washing my face, but my favorite use is as a makeup setting spray. I put a little in a spray bottle and mist my face after applying my mineral foundation. It's also really refreshing to use as a little facial mist mid day when you need a little perking up!

Makeup Remover


Before I tried this BBE makeup remover, my only memory of using a makeup remover was wiping my eyes with greasy mineral oil based makeup remover, leaving my face feeling way dirtier than when I started! Ick! That is definitely not the case with this one! This stuff is not oil based, so it feels light and refreshing on the skin. It is safe to use for removing eye makeup, and it smells lovely! It contains quite a few organic extracts your skin will love, like calming witch hazel, green tea, cucumber, and aloe. The best method is to put a little in your palms and massage it into your entire face with your finger tips. Then take a cotton swab or damp wash cloth and magically wipe that makeup right off!


Body and Face Mineral Sunscreen

If you are still using a chemical based sunscreen it's time to put that bottle down and get yourself a mineral based sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens contain gnarly chemicals that are bad news for your health AND the oceans'. I will be writing a post about this later on, and include a great line up of natural sunscreens! But I can't do a post on BBE without mentioning their sunscreens, because they are currently my FAVORITE sun protection on the market. When I look for a good sunscreen there are many criteria that I hope to meet most of. It has to be natural and mineral based (no benzones!), blend in easily without leaving a white haze on my skin, feel dry to the touch and not greasy or sticky, be water resistant enough to use in the water, and be reef safe! This sunscreen checks ALL the boxes! Plus the price point is amazing, and it smells soooo good! You can currently buy the face and body sunscreen in a bundle and save yourself a few extra bucks too! If you are spending any time in the ocean, especially around coral reefs, please use a reef safe sunscreen like this one by BBE! Many other sunscreens contain chemicals that KILL coral. So play safe mer-babes, and get a reef safe sunscreen to protect yourself AND the ocean! Just be sure to reapply regularly as it washes off easier than your typical drugstore sport spray.

Want to get a deal on your next order? Shop my link and use code PELICAN for 10% off your entire order! 

Want to get 20% off your first order? Simply sign up for emails on their website and you will receive a code for 20% off!

Also keep a look out on our Instagram this week for a chance to win yourself a bottle of the Beauty By Earth Sunless Tanner!

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