Our Brand

We are a coastal boutique label, inspired by the raw wild beauty that is the California coast, and named after the funky chic beach bungalow the Pelican House brand was born from. Our designs are young and free yet always classic, just like California.

Our Purpose

Our founding purpose is to aid ocean conservation and island habitat restoration by raising funds through the commerce of consciously made swimwear. We want to heal the planet, without causing further harm, therefore everything we do and create must be aligned with those same values. We also want to provide women with ethical swimwear that is intentionally designed to flatter and instill confidence. Because the last thing you should be thinking about when you're in your happy place is how you look in a bikini.

Our Values

Stewards for clean oceans and a healthy planet

Ethical business practices

Supply chain transparency

Women empowering women

Collaboration over competition

Positive body image

Sustainable living

Being stoked

Our brand is for womxn of all shapes, sizes, ages, races, ethnicities, orientations, abilities... all are welcome here.

Our Mindset

We believe it’s not enough for a garment to just be sewn together ethically… what about the fabric? What about the yarn of the fabric? Where were the raw materials sourced and how? How about the little metal tags? Each garment is connected to a web of other industries and businesses that make up the different parts. If you want to have a truly sustainable and ethical product, you must also source all materials in the same fashion. Most will say this is impossible in this day and age. Many will claim to make an ethical or sustainable product, but don’t consider their web of sources. At Pelican House we are committed to making conscious responsible choices about ALL the materials we use to make our bikinis, ship our orders, and operate our business. We believe in a better clothing industry, and we are creating one.

Our manufacturing process

Ethics and sustainability mean full transparency.

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Get to know the owner

An interview with CEO and designer, Justine Willeford (via The Sirene Project)

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